With regards to her skin and hair mind schedule, Vidya Balan likes to keep it basic. The Tumhari Sulu star sticks to natural items however much as could reasonably be expected and never avoids her week after week hair oiling session. She uncovers a portion of her excellence tips and more in this heart to heart.

What are your make-up kit essentials?

I’m not somebody who wears make-up once a day unless I’m confronting the camera. A lotion and a hand cream are something I continue applying. I likewise convey kajal and lip shine. I don’t convey a brush since I don’t brush my hair frequently.

What’s your skin care routine like?

Healthy skin for me is simply saturating. I utilize regular cleansers, I like the jasmine ones. That and saturating, that is it. Once per month, or once in two months, I get a tidy up. Be that as it may, I believe there’s not at all like rest and water for good skin. I’ve understood when I rest soundly my skin is flawless.

What do you do for your hair?

I oil my hair in any event on more than one occasion seven days. I rely upon everything characteristic so I complete an Ayurvedic hair spa. Additionally, washing the hair as regularly as required. In a city like Mumbai where there’s so much contamination you have to wash your hair regularly to keep it sound. Our hair gets manhandled so much that I don’t utilize a hairdryer when I’m not shooting.

What is your solution for pimples?

I once attempted toothpaste and it turned out to be more terrible. You should put it for just 10 minutes yet I put it overnight, the following day a little pimple had turned out to be significantly greater and I had a shoot. I think having heaps of water and coconut water to flush it out makes a difference. What’s more, aloe vera gel, it’s cooling for the skin.

Any beauty idols growing up?

My mom — she has delightful skin. She doesn’t do anything, she just applies a little cream and doesn’t wear make-up. I generally felt I needed to resemble her when I grow up. From the business, Rekha is somebody I feel resembles she’s strolled down from the sky. She’s simply flawless, I discover her so staggering.

Do you have a  signature fragrance?

Right now, I’m wearing Gabrielle by Chanel. I likewise adore the possess an aroma similar to mogra. Once in a while I apply a tad bit of the aroma and after that end up possessing an aroma similar to a garden.

Any home remedies for the hair?

I think oiling is vital for our sort of hair. In any event once per week, you don’t need to keep it for a really long time. Egg yolks and cool dahi on the scalp connected for only 10 minutes, improves your hair feel much.

What do you include in your diet?

Bunches of water and rest. Coconut water is something I have including the malai; many individuals have misguided judgments about it being swelling. I drink Kokum sherbet if it’s hot.

Which is your favourite feature and how do you play it up?

I like the entire bundle! (Chuckles) When I’m in a decent temperament, I like everything about myself, on a terrible day I don’t think I like anything. Possibly my eyes — I like kajal constantly, I feel fragmented without it. I have an inclination that it lights up my eyes.

One beauty product you can’t live without…

Lip sparkle in peachy or light shades.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tried in the name of beauty?

Somebody educated me regarding a dairy animals excrement cake which is useful for the skin. I didn’t discover it anyplace yet I was eager to attempt it. I think pee treatment is very abnormal.

What’s the best beauty advice you have received?

Wear a grin, there’s no better embellishment

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