Instagram has in excess of 300 million active users—generally the number of inhabitants in the whole United States. Also, among them is a little arrangement of super-clients who dependably appear to look better and live more photogenic lives than whatever is left of us.


All things considered, turns out that is a lie. Or then again not a lie precisely, but rather regularly it’s the consequence of a ton of exertion and altering. Picture takers are accustomed to “settling” a picture through altering, and they convey that outlook over to their Instagram accounts. Furthermore, design bloggers and superstars have a couple of traps to make their every day schedules—and appearance—look somewhat more flawless than normal. (It bodes well given that a blogger can get paid $15,000 just to wear a brand in an Instagram post.)

Here are some simple tips from bloggers and photographers to up your Instagram game.

Try not to utilize the Instagram application to take the photo

It doesn’t have similar capacities that your telephone camera does, for example, zooming and other possibly valuable instruments like the framework highlight of the iPhone camera. Those can enable you to make your photograph to better.

There are likewise different applications, for example, VSCO Cam and Rookie, that offer propelled capacities, including shade speed and white adjust controls, which can keep hues exact in your photographs. Camera+, an iPhone-just application, offers a stabilizer to battle unsteady hands and keep pictures sharp, and it enables you to set your camera’s presentation, controlling how light or dull your photographs are.

On the off chance that you have an iPhone, picture taker Chris Ozer prescribes purposely underexposing your shots to counter the telephone’s inclination to victory parts of the picture. In any case, in case you’re shooting in an inside and out low-light circumstance, Cortex Cam is a decent application to attempt.

Better to take your underlying picture with one of those choices, as they can give you a chance to do things, for example, play with the picture’s purpose of center to make a more noteworthy feeling of profundity, and after that post them to Instagram.

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