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Krista and Paul met while both taking a similar individual wellness instructional class at school. The planning was off however as they were each seeing someone, yet as destiny would have it, they returned to class in their second year both single, and fell hard for each other. To see them today, you can truly observe the glow and love that they share– both in the calm implicit minutes, and keeping in mind that they’re chuckling and being senseless. They’re self-depicted “outdoorsy individuals” so they knew they needed their engagement shoot to be some place in nature and tuber sentimental—well what superior to a lovely fix of lavish cherry blooms? In Edmonton, these delightful trees are notoriously just in season for scarcely a little while, and we were sufficiently lucky to have them on the absolute best night, with the most dazzling spring breeze noticeable all around.for Engagement pose


I was absolutely enamored with Krista and Paul’s styling– practically need to get her correct outfit for myself!   When we ran over this magnificent exhausted wood shed, I just knew it’d look incredible with the fly of blue from their outfits– and it did! Rural yet at the same time so chic.

As I would see it, each e-session should catch some genuinely mysterious sentimental minutes between a couple, and nothing says sentiment to me, such as kissing in a tree  aha! On account of Krista for being a trooper and influencing it to look simple, when truly, she was holding onto that cumbersome branch energetically! Love these shots.

As we came up to our last spot, which was an old brick building, Paul told me he is a refractory bricklayer~ how fitting!  I seriously couldn’t get enough of photographing these two– the were an absolutely adorable couple and totally amazing in front of the camera.  It was just one of those times when my job feels so easy 😉

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